Benefits of a Tax Efficient Distribution Strategy

Tax Efficient Strategies Allow you to Keep More of Your Money.

Here’s How to Minimize Taxes When Investing

Knowing Different Ways to Reduce the Taxes on Your Investments Ensures You Keep More of Your Gains.  

Investing Basics: Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds Explained. 

Active vs Passive Investing

Check out This Great Video on Active versus Passive Investing. 

Active vs. Passive - Which Leads to Better Investor Returns?

Another Great Video - Active vs Passive Investing. 

Life Insurance 101

Basics of Life Insurance. 

Disability Insurance 101

Disability Insurance or Paycheck Protection or Income Protection. 

Long Term Care Insurance 101

Basics of Long Term Care Insurance. 

CFP Code & Standards: The 7 Step Financial Planning Process

The Previously 6 Step Financial Planning Process has Changed to 7 Steps. 

CFP Board - Our Commitment to the Standards

Check out this great video about CFP® Standards

CFP Board: Certification Matters: Pilots

Check out This Great Video on Why Certification Matters. 

CFP Board Public Awareness - Exterminator Video

 Check out Another Great Video on Why Certification Matters. 

CFP Board: Certification Matters: Chef

Not Always the Best Idea to Do It Yourself. 

CFP Board: Certification Matters: Climbing Instructor

Best to Work with Someone with Experience and Certification. 

CFP Board: Certification Matters: Hairstylist

While Your Hair may Grow Back after some Time, Don't take the Same Chance with Your Financial Well Being. Work with a Certified Professional.